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Shizuoka road public corporation summary

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Public corporation history

Foundation "Shizuoka road public corporation" changes Shizuoka land development public corporation, organization accompanied with establishment of Shizuoka area maintenance center which they integrated with Shizuoka housing corporation as "Shizuoka road public corporation" based on the local road public corporation method on organization change April 1, 2003 on general Expressway "Izu skyline" whole line opening April 1, 1971 on birth (the establishment registration) October 1, 1964 on December 24, 1959 We promote maintenance of regional highway, and our public corporation plans facilitation of traffic by managing new establishment, reconstruction, maintenance, repair and others such as roads which can collect toll or charge in Shizuoka and neighboring areas and is intended that we contribute to development of increase and industry economy of the inhabitants welfare. Therefore, business that public corporation performs is the following thing mainly.
(1) General toll road business
Based on road maintenance special measures law (1956 law seventh), we are performing maintenance of 4 roads now.
(2) General Expressway business
Based on Road Transport Act (1951 law 183rd), we are performing maintenance of 2 roads now.
(3) Underpass facility business
We receive Route 1 permission for occupancy of roads and perform maintenance of underpass parking lot