Road public corporation relations

We announce based on rule of law (2004 law 112th) Article 36 Clause 5 about measures for protection of the nation in armed attack situations.

  Nation protection duties plan (for publication) 231226

Toll road relations (Izu Chuo Expressway, Shuzenji road, Enshu Ohashi, crinum Ohashi)

It is traffic method of toll road.

  Tollgate traffic method (H18, notification) 190202

General Expressway relations (Izu skyline, Hakone skyline)

This in-service article applies from April 1, 2016.

※ Hakone skyline is during in-service time extension from July 21, 2016 to July 20, 2019. (as for the public announcement of extension, please see "2016. 07.05" of "◆ news" at time.)

  General Expressway service article H27-271214

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