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Congestion information of Numazu, Mishima area

In Izu area, traffic jam that is remarkable on main lines such as Route 135, Gulf of east Suruga beltway or Izu Chuo Expressway is generated by traffic concentration of the sightseeing period. Therefore, in Shizuoka road traffic congestion mitigation program promotion meeting Numazu, Mishima area WG, we offer congestion information that utilized the Internet. We can read the traffic jam situation according to time in the sightseeing period when we access the next address. small Address: http://www.cbr.mlit.go.jp/numazu/road/konzatsuyosoku/index.html

※ We would like inquiry about these contents based on traffic data of 2014 to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu District maintenance station Numazu river national highway office Planning Division (TEL055-934-2010).

Traffic jam traffic information

You can confirm current traffic jam traffic information from JARTIC NIPPON ROAD traffic center homepage. Vehicle information Now!! This provides traffic jam traffic condition of general road of expressway, Urban Expressway road, main pivot area by update for five minutes. You can confirm the current traffic jam situation from this!

Vehicle information NOW! JARTIC NIPPON ROAD traffic center can confirm this >> traffic jam traffic condition by update for five minutes!

Kanto Traffic jam map image
West Kanagawa Traffic jam map image
Numazu-shi, Fuji-shi Traffic jam map image
Shizuoka-shi Traffic jam map image

Traffic jam traffic information