How much is toll of road?

Please see this list of charges.

How becomes vehicle classification?

Please confirm from this.

Rate of neighboring toll roads except road which public corporation manages?

Please see this list of charges.

Please refer to manager of each road for the details directly.

Can you pass toll road which public corporation manages by moped and bicycle?

Shuzenji road (appoint in driveway) and Izu skyline, Hakone skyline (for general Expressway) by moped, bicycle and light vehicle cannot use.

In addition, limit to be more than 126cc is included when we are passed by two cars. It is available on other roads.

(in Izu Chuo Expressway by bicycle of tunnel part and light vehicle we cannot use.)

Is there road where there is not for two people of motorcycles more than 126cc?

There are none “. On Shuzenji road which was not done, we were enabled with revision of Road Traffic Act until now from April 1, 2005. "

Is ETC, credit card usable?

I'm sorry, but we cannot use. In the current situation, introduction cost is big, and, as for the plan of ETC introduction, there are none in our public corporation in tollgate which not being able to plan reduction of administrative expense and our public corporation manage because there are not many merits of ETC called traffic jam cancellation. However, we cope as we are thinking that cashless needs correspondence to becoming in future in toll road of our public corporation while seeing reduction for introduction expense and administrative expense.

What kind of discount is there?

There is the following discount. (1) Coupon (2) person with a disability discount (3) roundtrip discount pass (Izu skyline)

※Low-emissions vehicle discount was finished on March 31, 2012. Thank you for your patronage.

About coupon

In tollgate and tollgate office of each “ road, we sell coupon of the road. Please see this about rate, kind of coupon.

About person with a disability discount

[road targeted for discount]
・When when 50% of rates (leave off when fraction less than 10 yen occurs, and become 10 yen unit) "" [person targeted for discount], person is usually run, except all physically disabled person (person receiving grant of certificate of the physically disabled) ", people is run all toll road" [discount] that public corporation manages; including severe physically disabled person or mentally-disabled person [target car] <owner> person with a disability who is severe or the relative to receive "passenger use car (with ride capacity less than ten by passenger use "use" of automatic car inspection visa column), two circles car (capacity thing more than 125CC), truck (and "use" of automatic car inspection visa column is freight, and rear seat is installed, and ride facilities and carrier are partitioned off among less than 10 things more than four people ride capacity the greatest load capacity 500 kg of followings), scoop use car" ("use" of automatic car inspection visa column is scoop, and is wheelchair movement car, person with a physical disability carrier or camping car and listed thing in "recording of the body" column the ride capacity ten following) [prior procedure] person with a disability discount (spouse, lineal relationship by blood and spouse, siblings and the spouse and relative of living together) <car model>, beforehand in municipalities welfare offices apply, and it is necessary to receive the number of car hoped for by registration by disability certificate and mentions such as on discount expiration date. [traffic method] Please say the effect of use of discount to tollgate person in charge before payment of “ rate. Sorry for your inconvenience, but person in charge confirms the items mentioned of notebook on this occasion. With "[others] coupon and other discount cannot use together.

About whole line roundtrip discount pass

[road targeted for discount] ・When you use the whole line by roundtrip for one year [car model of reduced fare and amount of money] from day of Izu skyline [release tollgate], Izu skyline Atami Pass tollgate, Amagi Heights tollgate [effective date], use start, it is for return journey 50% discount.

Please see this list of charges.

<reference information>

With hearth marine products (1038, Futo, Itou-shi, Shizuoka (TEL 0557-51-2153)), we carry out service of 10% discount to customer of purchase more than tax-included 2,000 yen using the pass concerned.

Privilege of 50 yen discount such as ice cream coffee is received when we show Izu skyline, Hakone skyline pass in restaurant wisteria view (2250-1, Chabatake, Susono-shi, Shizuoka (TEL 0460-83-6362)) along Lake Ashino skyline. (day of the use limit effectively)

We want to photograph from the road top and parking lot, what kind of procedure is necessary?

Predetermined procedure is necessary for “ shooting. In addition, shooting on road would like that permission to use road of the district police station is necessary. "

[inquiry point]

①Eastern control center construction management section (telephone 0558-76-5718) (handling road) Izu Chuo Expressway, Shuzenji road, Izu skyline, Hakone skyline

②Western residence (telephone 053-459-6811) (handling road) new Kaketsuka Bridge (Enshu Ohashi), Hamanako Shimbashi (crinum Ohashi)

In addition, it is this about procedure.

Shooting permission application (style) (236KB)

Excel, shooting permission application (style) (55KB)

About injustice traffic vehicle

Act to pass without permission or act to pass by free traffic manifesto becomes unjust traffic without paying rate. When we pass illegally, we collect toll and premium (sum equivalent to twice the toll that we avoided) that we avoided based on road maintenance special measures law (called "special measures law" as follows.) Article 26. In addition, driver of vehicle which passed road in violation of "traffic method of vehicle" that our public corporation established based on special measures law Article 24 Clause 3 is imposed on fine that is less than 300,000 yen based on special measures law Article 58.

What kind of ticket is "consecutive ticket?"

When we use both sides of "Shuzenji road" (the whole line), with "consecutive ticket," payment at tollgate is ticket which it is either once of "Izu Chuo Expressway" or "Shuzenji road" and finished "Izu Chuo Expressway".

As I hand ticket (consecutive ticket) which can pass the next tollgate with receipt when I purchase this ticket, at the next tollgate, you hand this all through ticket to person in charge, and please pass (you cannot pass with receipt).

In addition, there is no discount with "consecutive ticket".

(unit per one time of traffic: Japanese yen)

Car model Light cars Normal car, medium-sized car Large car Extra-large car Moped, light vehicle
Rate 320 400 660 1,140 Setting nothing

We include consumption tax in sum of note) rate. Shuzenji road cannot pass moped light vehicle for driveway.

("Izu Chuo Expressway" is net total and the same amount of toll of "Shuzenji road (whole line)".)