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Visit to customer thanks Day Izu skyline society (participation application reception desk)


We hold geo-site and visit fair along Izu skyline around ten bridge rebuilding construction spots to have you understand charm of Izu skyline and approach of public corporation in Shizuoka road public corporation.

1 conduct day November 3, 2018 (soil, celebration)
・        We can choose car place to take advantage of (ko) among Mishima Station north exit, Izu-Nagaoka Station, three places of skyport Kameishi.
・        Please see application flyer at the meeting time.

Please apply with postcard (62 yen) than 2 participation method attached sheet
・        We invite 36 people by lot. (with lunch)

It must arrive by from Monday, September 3, 2018 to Friday, September 28, 2018 during subscription for 3 period

We exchange with announcement with notice of successful guide to 4 result announcement elected candidates.
・        Successful guide sends out in the middle of October.

5 instructions
・ ・ Transportation expenses to ride place of participant burden.
・ ・ Participation is limited more than primary schoolchild. It is (in the case of primary schoolchild, we are accompanied by protector)
・ ・ Of substitute, exclusion food due to food allergy and disease cannot cope.
・ ・ By weather on the day of destination change or may cancel.
・ ・ Please always possess successful guide during visit.
・ ・ When we take from skyport Kameishi, come over to venue by 12:10, and receipt give lunch.
・ ・ About accident, the damage that is careful enough safely, but occurred during trip, in our public corporation,; do not hold itself responsible.

6 inquiry Shizuoka road public corporation roads part Corporate Planning Section (TEL054-254-3424)
・        Inquiry would like from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

> such as <application paper

The details of application method this (771KB)

We are holding Izu skyline customer thanks Day event in skyport Kameishi on November 3, 2018 (soil, celebration)!
Come to play!