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Trip to Izu of Golden Week use of Izu skyline! (round-trip discount is advantageous)


Close Golden Week! It is information that is recommended to all of you thinking of trip to Izu Peninsula authorized in UNESCO world Geopark.
Izu East Coast route (Route 135) becomes easy to produce congestion in particular during this period.

For customer coming to Ito, Izu Kogen, the Shimoda (Minamiizu) area, the use of "Izu skyline" with a few traffic jams is comfortable.

"Izu skyline" is not only most suitable for traffic jam evasion of neighboring roads and it is dotted with geo-points along the line and can enjoy magnificent scenery to expect Mount Fuji and Gulf of Suruga, Gulf of Sagami on day when it was fine.

In addition, please use as there is advantageous discount pass to be able to use the "Izu skyline" whole line (Atami Pass - Amagi Heights interval) for by roundtrip. (please buy request in Atami Pass tollgate, Amagi Heights tollgate or Tokyo Tours information desk (Yurakucho station square Tokyo traffic hall B1F).)

In addition, get premium by lot in toll road, tourist facility of Izu, Hakone, sei*jiiki including "Izu skyline"; "around held in enjoyment stamp rally 2018 Izu, Hakone". As this Golden Week is the last chance, please participate in memory of trip.

※※※As for the details of enjoyment stamp rally, please see around the next homepage 2018 Izu, Hakone.※※※




<Izu skyline whole line roundtrip discount pass (whole year release)>

Car model Two-wheeled vehicle Normal car Microbus Trailer bus

Round-trip fare

860 yen

※280 yen discount

1,470 yen

※490 yen discount

3,680 yen

※1,220 yen discount

5,960 yen

※1,980 yen discount

It is invalid on the way in the leaving future
Sale place: Izu skyline (Atami Pass tollgate, Amagi Heights tollgate) or Tokyo Tours bureau

List of charges: As of April 1, 2018

※ We would like inquiry about Izu skyline whole line roundtrip discount pass to Izu skyline (TEL0558-79-0211).

We can read the congestion situation of Izu area when we access the next address.


Address: http://www.cbr.mlit.go.jp/numazu/road/konzatsuyosoku/index.html

※ We would like inquiry about these contents to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu District maintenance station Numazu river national highway office Planning Division (TEL055-934-2010).

Road public corporation (the head office, eastern control center, western residence) becomes blind alley on holiday on Saturday and Sunday. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would like inquiries such as rates to tollgate of each road.
Enshu Ohashi       TEL 0538-66-7153
Crinum Ohashi    TEL 053-482-3292
Izu Chuo Expressway     TEL 055-947-1213
Shuzenji road     TEL 0558-72-7780
Izu skyline TEL 0558-79-0211
Hakone skyline TEL 0550-87-0226

※ As we cannot cope during this period, about inquiry on homepage, we would like dispatch to tollgate.

Reference of skyport Kameishi would like to send to TEL0557-48-8228.
Business is with no fixed holiday (until ... September 30 from 10:00 to 17:00).