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Izu skyline, pleasure of night drive from here!


In winter season when night night view is beautiful, we introduce one way of enjoying night drives.
There are some parking lots which can look at cityscape of Gulf of Sagami and Gulf of Suruga, Atami and Numazu to Izu Skyline.
Above all, it is in prospects spot that state of Atami city including Atami Port can overlook from waterfall intellect mountain parking lot and waterfall intellect mountain garden located between Atami Pass IC and gentake IC.
In fact, we can see Atami sea fireworks launched throughout the year from this fine-view spot every season thoroughly.

We introduce video which we introduced the state to this time.

Introduction video is this

In addition, left Atami sea fireworks of 2017 are as follows.
HP, Izu SL guidance (night view 03) H29-291222

HP, Izu SL guidance (night view 07) H29-291222
<the spring of 2018 (Heisei 30)>
・Date H30 age Sunday, January 14, February 12 Monday (holiday)
・Launching time from 20:20 to 20:45
For more information:

※ As traffic regulation may produce Izu skyline by this time, weather condition, in the case of the use, come after checking the traffic regulation situation beforehand.