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We carry out Izu skyline toll discount campaign!


Izu skyline is road of extension 40.6km to traverse ridge line of Izu Peninsula. We can enjoy views such as world heritage Mount Fuji, Gulf of Suruga and Gulf of Sagami throughout the year and, also, we let go through a year and can run without traffic jam in peace.

At this opportunity, you use Izu skyline of "it is traffic jam-free", and please fully enjoy Izu Peninsula of the early spring.

<"Mount Fuji world heritage registration memory" Izu skyline discount>

 Conduct period  It is 30 days until from Saturday, February 10, 2018 to Sunday, March 11
 Conduct road and section  Izu skyline (Atami Pass - Amagi Heights (whole line), Atami Pass - Kameishi Pass, Atami Pass - Hiekawa, Kameishi Pass - Amagi Heights)
 Target car model  All car models
Discount contents  Car model / section  Atami Pass - Amagi Heights
(the whole line)
 Atami Pass - Kameishi Pass  Atami Pass - Hiekawa  Kameishi Pass - Amagi Heights
 Two cars  400 yen
(normal rate 570 yen)
 190 yen
(normal rate 260 yen)
 330 yen
(normal rate 470 yen)
 260 yen
(normal rate 370 yen)
 Light small size, normal car  690 yen
(normal rate 980 yen)
 300 yen
(normal rate 420 yen)
 550 yen
(normal rate 780 yen)
 410 yen
(normal rate 580 yen)
 Microbus  1,720 yen
(normal rate 2,450 yen)
 730 yen
(normal rate 1,040 yen)
 1,360 yen
(normal rate 1,930 yen)
 990 yen
(normal rate 1,410 yen)
 Large-sized car  2,780 yen
(normal rate 3,970 yen)
 1,170 yen
(normal rate 1,670 yen)
 2,200 yen
(normal rate 3,140 yen)
 1,610 yen
(normal rate 2,300 yen)
Sale place Izu skyline tollgate (Atami Pass, Kameishi Pass, Hiekawa, Amagi Heights)

※ For more details, please refer to Shizuoka road public corporation Corporate Planning Section (TEL054-254-3424) or Izu skyline (TEL0558-79-0211).

<reference> As for the discount flyer this (4MB))

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News from Izukyu
We sell "Kawazu Sakura Festival park & train ticket" which return ticket between Izu Kogen station square parking lot - Kawazu discounts.
Please use for traffic jam evasion former than Izu skyline.