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We held "home delivery of cooked foods course" of Route 136 (toll road "Izu Chuo Expressway") Ema reconstruction business!


In Shizuoka road public corporation, we utilized the spot of bridge lower part mechanic construction targeting at 25 fourth graders of Izunokuni City Nagaokakita elementary school in cooperation with prefecture or construction construction supplier on Thursday, October 25, 2018 held "home delivery of cooked foods course".
We described pictures to like with steel tube stake of bridge lower part mechanic as canvas and learned about construction of steel tube stake using model of steel tube stake on the site. In addition, we steered and took a picture of drone and learned about drone.
Child tested while seeing state that stake of model entered sand happily. In addition, "it was fast-moving of drone, and great" impression was put "looking forward to that bridge of stake about picture was completed".

 We had intern interns (six students of Izu synthesis high school) of construction supplier help and had you experience work of wide engineering works.

 We hold home delivery of cooked foods course and have "road" have friendly feeling and are thinking that we want you to deepen understanding to "engineering works" that are familiar to life in future.