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About the handling of vehicle affecting disaster dispatch


We assume toll of toll road free of charge about the next vehicle for the purpose of stricken area support by requests such as the local governments of stricken area.

Disaster to be targeted for 1

(1) Vehicle to use for disaster relief accompanied with Kumamoto earthquake in 2016
(2) Vehicle to use for stricken area relief accompanied with North Kyushu heavy rain from July 5, 2017
(3) Vehicle to use for help, relief to affect disaster (Akita) accompanied with heavy rain from July 22, 2017


Vehicle which is targeted for 2

(1) By request from the local governments, it is refuge of victim or relief to antidisaster headquarter (including supplies accumulation place) of the prefecture municipalities where we suffered from
Vehicle to transport supplies
(2) Vehicle to transport supplies, the staff to deal with restoration, revival of victim by request from the local governments
(3) Vehicle which the local governments use for disaster relief
(4) Vehicle which the local governments where it is disaster volunteer activity and suffered from use for with request, reputation thing which approved

 ※ (2) Vehicle affecting 1 (2) is only (3) and (4).

3 periods

(1) Measures from May 9, 2016 to December 31, 2018 to affect 1 (1)
(2) Measures July 7, 2017 - Heisei, Fukuoka December 31, 30 to affect 1 (2), Heisei, Oita July 31, 30
(3) Measures from August 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017 to affect 1 (3)


Traffic method of 4 tollgates

The local governments issued; "disaster dispatch, please submit engagement vehicle certificate" to tollgate.


5 and others

Because this correspondence is urgent measures, change is possible about handling methods.


I wish you a speedy restoration revival of ... stricken area. ...