Izu skyline

Characteristic Izu skyline is sightseeing road for exclusive use of car of 40.6km to run in ridge in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park in eastern Izu Peninsula. It is prepared, and View Point and rest station can thoroughly enjoy scenery magnificent slowly, and, on driveway which can run while enjoying the view of Gulf of Sagami, Gulf of Suruga, Mount Fuji, each place can taste refreshingness to be able to finish running in Nature along road. Comfortable run without stress Because Mazda turnpike Hakone and Hakone new road can run without signal between wards of approximately 70km from Odawara-Atsugi Expressway by using, between to Odawara - Izu Kogen, it is recommended for driver who wants to avoid national highway of crowded shoreline. Main facility ・Tourist information center: It is installed in Atami Pass tollgate and can obtain sightseeing information of each Izu Peninsula area. ・Observation station: Eight places of observation stations are prepared for View Point along road and depend on climatic condition, but can enjoy views such as Gulf of Sagami, Gulf of Suruga, Izu Seven Islands, Izu-tobu Volcanic Group, Mount Hakone, Mount Fuji. ・We have abundant waterfall intellect mountain garden, deer ka valley Park, natural parks including nest Kumoyama, too.

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PhotographAtami tollgate
Entrance Atami Pass of Izu skyline reaches slope of bamboo clothes box occasion from approximately 24km, Atami Onsen via Mazda turnpike Hakone from 10km, Odawara city from Hakone Pass of National highway No. 1 (prefectural road Hakone, Atami Pass line, prefectural road 20), and there is at the 17-km mark from 9km, Mishima city that Shirayuki of Fuji becomes loose again and drifts to. Altitude here lets you especially strongly feel the grandeur in Mount Fuji near the Atami Pass where 635m, right and left are caught in mountain. In addition, we established Atami Pass tourist information center in parking lot of tollgate this side in October, 2011. We have discount coupon of brochure of tourist association issuance of Izu Peninsula and Hakone and private tourist facility. Please use. Waterfall intellect mountain observation deck is on the around 3.0km right side (free) toward the Kurodake area and can look even at Izu Islands, Boso Peninsula, Omaezaki from here on day when we cleared including Mount Fuji, Gulf of Sagami, Gulf of Suruga. In addition, waterfall intellect mountain parking lot is on the around 3.2km left side and can overlook Atami city area. New Tanna tunnel of the Tokaido Shinkansen, former Tanna tunnel pass in right under around 3.5km from Atami Pass tollgate. ※Because there is not approximately 70km signal, we can arrive at destination early from Odawara (Hakone new road or Mazda turnpike Hakone) to Amagi Heights. (in Hakone new road way one place of signal)
Photograph Kurodake (kurotake)
We arrive at Kurodake tollgate approximately 5km from Atami Pass tollgate. The neighborhood of Kurodake tollgate has road altitude of 720m in Izu skyline most highly. It is one of the geo-points of Izu Peninsula Geopark (Japanese Geopark) that can see traces of constitution of Izu Peninsula which submarine volcano collides as for this Kurodake long long ago in Honshu, and was completed. In addition, there is small pond called ice ke pond within striking distance. We leave Kurodake tollgate (said that we cut ice in old days and were stored in cellar nearby) and go down Atami new road (Atami city street) and are connected to National highway No. 135 in approximately 15 minutes. In Atami city street and the intersection neighborhood of National highway No. 135, "Nishiki of bluff becomes scenic spot of shoreline including ura". Kurodake parking lot is approximately 500m earlier from Kurodake tollgate to the Shimoda area, and view of Mount Fuji is splendid on clear day, and expression of sacred mountain Fuji can enjoy good scenery. In addition, a lot of hang gliders dance the sky on day when it was fine of Sunday and sometimes pass the sky and please drive. Hiking course includes Kurodake of 798.4m above sea level got close to. We can arrive at the mountaintop from Kurodake tollgate in around 30 minutes.
Photograph Nirayama mountain pass
We arrive at Nirayama mountain pass I.C at 3.6km (approximately five minutes) from 8km, Kurodake I.C from Atami Pass. It is approximately 20 minutes to one "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" of constitution assets of "Industrial Revolution inheritance of Meiji Japan" registered with world's cultural heritage of the UNESCO if we fall in mountain for Izunokuni-shi from this Nirayama mountain pass. There are west Tanna parking lot, parking lot of pond for with Kurodake between Nirayama mountain pass and can overlook Gulf of Tagata plains and Suruga on day when it was fine and can enjoy splendid scenery. Particularly, Mount Fuji soaring from the Susono-shi area looks manly. Scenery from these parking lots is recommended in the vicinity of Izu skyline most fantastically.
Photograph Kameishi Pass
We arrive at Kameishi Pass I.C from Atami Pass in 17km approximately 25 minutes. Taga parking lot is on the Kameishi Pass tollgate 5km this side left side. Under eyes of Taga parking lot, Oshima, Mount Omuro of Ito-shi, small Muroyama are seen on Taga, Ajiro, Hatsushima where Gulf of Sagami floats off expanse alone, the right. Deer ka valley Park is on the Kameishi Pass tollgate 2km this side left side and can come in contact with seasonal tree and wild birds. Kameishi Pass of Izu skyline is located approximately midway, and connect Kameishi Pass I.C to prefectural road Ohito, Ito line (prefectural road 19) when appear. We go to Ohito, Shuzenji (National highway No. 136) Mishima, the Numazu area when we turn right to Usami, the Ito city area area (National highway No. 135) when we turn left at this T-shaped intersection. On the contrary, there is traffic jam evasion if you can aim at this Kameishi Pass when National highway No. 135 .136, Izu traversing way is congested when we go to Tokyo, the Hakone area. ※Please use engine braking in descending that prefectural road Ohito, Ito Line, the Usami area is long.
Photograph Hiekawa (sawa millet river)
We arrive at Hiekawa I.C at approximately 15km from approximately 31km (40 minutes), Kameishi Pass from Atami Pass. Nest Kumoyama of 580m above sea level is on the left side when we go to the Hiekawa area from Kameishi Pass for approximately five minutes. There is parking lot, and the mountains of the distance Southern Alps are seen under eyes back and forth on Gulf of Suruga, Tagata plains, day when it was fine. Mount Fuji from here has beauty different in gangs. In addition, would you like to take a walk because we can commute from parking lot to the nest Kumoyama mountaintop in approximately 20 minutes, and there is observation deck? It becomes the downhill mountains after this toward Hiekawa, and village of Sawaguchi appears. Make hole through village of Sawaguchi, and meal place "teahouse of mountain pass" which is famous for "grated yam meal" is on the right side when we run for a while. Altitude is 176m, and Hiekawa tollgate comes to have lowest altitude in this inside along the line. It connects to prefectural road Shuzenji, Ito Line (prefectural road 12) when we leave Hiekawa tollgate and leaves for Okuno dam, Lake Ippeki-ko, the Ito city area via middle Izu bypass when we turn left at this road. In addition, we go to Shuzenji Onsen, Toda Port, the Nishi-Izu area when we turn right at this intersection.
Photograph Amagi Heights
We do terminal of Izu skyline from Atami Pass tollgate at Amagi Heights tollgate at 40.6km, time and arrive in approximately one hour. 632m, difference in elevation with Hiekawa tollgate have road altitude of Amagi Heights tollgate of 456m. Mount Fuji from Amagi Heights tollgate catches extensive neat and clean feeling. There are facilities such as middle Izu rehabilitation (hospital), religious corporation truth light civilization religious community between Hiekawa - Amagi Heights. It connects to prefectural road Mt. Toogasa Futo Line (prefectural road 111) when we leave Amagi Heights tollgate. There is havesutokurabu Amagi Heights when we turn right at this intersection, and there becomes dead-end. It becomes one of 100 famous mountains in Japan of Kyuya Fukada, base of Mount Amagi mountain climbing, and 88 common cars, space of ten trailer buses are in parking lot here. There is Mount Omuro of 580m above sea level when we turn left at the intersection of prefectural road Mt. Toogasa Futo Line. We go to Izu Kogen, Futo (National highway No. 135) when we go ahead through the south side of the foot of Mount Omuro. Furthermore, we go to the Shimoda area via Higashiizu when we south at National highway No. 135.
"Teahouse of mountain pass"
Shop where the atmospheric appearance that used old folk house of thatched roof when we go approximately 2km from Hiekawa I.C to the Atami area gets a lot of looks arrives at "teahouse of mountain pass". There are waterwheel, hearth, too and, in atmosphere perfect score, can enjoy meal. Using ingredients of Izu and handmade konjac, homemade miso, you can have dish which hangs labor and time, and was made. "Grated yam meal" using Japanese yam (jinenjo) which grew up in the mountains of Izu in particular for around ten years is popular. We can enjoy good old "behavior dish of the country" and tasteful building, sense of the seasons.

Address: 1800, Hiekawa, Izu-shi, Shizuoka

Telephone: 0558-83-0229

By night: 0558-83-1164

FAX: 0558-83-2914

Map cord: 116 169 109


It is a certain restaurant between Hiekawa I.C. and Kameishi Pass I.C. Various sides, udon is central menus, but there are curry and rice, roasted meat set meal, too, and is cheap, and is substantial; can eat. There are large seat at a table and room in shop, and there is seat at a table outdoors, and dog visitors of people are available. Business hours: From 11:00 to 17:00

Regular holiday: Thursday fixed closing day (if there is reservation possible business)

Address: 1466, Hiekawa, Izu-shi, Shizuoka

Telephone: 0558-83-0300

Map cord: 116 139 649

"Skyport Kameishi"

It is stand, keishokutoko in Kameishi Pass I.C. There are various sides, udon, curry and rice. Because public toilet, dog run add, it is available as rest area.
Business hours: From 10:00 to 16:00 (only on dining room from 11:00 to 15:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays))

Regular holiday: Basic Tuesday and Wednesday

Address: 3494, Usami, Itou-shi, Shizuoka

Telephone: 0557-48-8456